Ghaith Abdul-Ahad: Why children are the first casualties of war in Gaza | World news | The Guardian:

The woman’s sunken eyes were filled with tears; she cried and talked to her son Ali in the grave. “I didn’t see you when you died Ali, they took you to the hospital and buried you and I wasn’t there, right Ali?” She wiped her face and the marble with tissues and cried more. “May Allah burn the hearts of those who killed you like they burned my heart.”

“I cry for every dead son in the world,” she told me.

“Everyone, even if he was a Jew. I don’t want him to die. I am a mother and I know.”

Jeff G. sent me a link to What GAZA really looks like right now with a note, “There is some stuff here, but I dunno if you would want to post it. Hell, I dunno if you even want to watch the videos.” I thought about that for a bit, and then I decided to watch the videos. My country is paying for this war. Responsibility at least demands that I see what my government does.

There are two videos at that site. The first shows what a bomb attack looks like moments later. It was grim, but it did not tell me anything I did not know.

The second? Well, I am not posting it here, though the idea is more disconcerting than the sight: It’s someone grieving, probably a father, with dead children. It’s true what people say—from the article I linked to above: “All dead children look alike, that’s the thing – even those mangled and disfigured by a Baghdad car bomb. They look asleep, not dead, just asleep after a long night of bombing and shelling.”

Obviously, the choice to see either is up to you. My hope is that this site will never become a place to make people too angry or too sad to be helpful, and I can’t guess what effect seeing these would have on you. But I’m putting the link here because this should be a place where the truth is never hidden to promote an agenda.